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TZR RD 250 350 500 YPVSTZR RD 250 350 500 YPVS

Contact me / Updated : 2019/03/13

This project deals with the development of products for 2 strokes

  • An YPVSBox  for the 2 strokes Yamaha (10/06/2012)
    • Road bikes : TZR125 TZR250 RD350LC RZ350 RD500LC RZ500
    • Race bikes : TZ250
    • Downloadable software
    • New hardware on test
    • NEW Pass the test on TZR250
  • A Pipe designer  software (2019/03/13)
    • From engine specification
    • Hydroforming pipe with CAD support
    • New version for Windows Mobile devices (PDA, Smartphone)…
  • A Cone Designersoftware (2018/07/20)
    • Cone specification
    • Export drawing to DXF files
    • Text files ouput
    • Straight cone bug fixed
  • Chain Calculator  software  (2018/07/20)
    • Compute number of chain links according to front and rear sprockets, chain type and swing-arm length.
    • Export results in a text file.
    • Automatic calculation
    • Full screen display
    • Version 1.2 GUI

For all the YPVS Yamaha.

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